Let’s begin an Interior Design project

As cliched as it sounds, designers can make your house feel like a home. Interior Design is all about creating a space where you can unwind, feel
relaxed, comfortable and at peace. A beautifully designed space has the same effect on you as a plate of delicious looking food.

The key to designing a space that is chic and functional is to create a balance between style, the budget you are working with and the time required to achieve the desired look. So let’s help you with get started with creating your dream pad.


This is one of the most important principles of Interior Design.

It simply means that a room can have the most beautiful furniture, furnishings, artwork, lighting et al but if it doesn’t work or serve the intended purpose then its not good designing.  Refrain from creating a space that is full of redundant items that are there only for their visual appeal.

Hence it should be the primary concern at the beginning of your project.


Always, always have a realistic budget.

The last thing you want is finding you are broke halfway through the project.

The same room can be designed differently depending on your budget so its important to know how much you are willing to allocate to various aspects that will help you create an aesthetic space.

Speaking to as many contractors and vendors to get different quotations is a good start to budgeting the project. The comparison will help you identify areas you need to crop or expand.


If someone walks into your space, they should know its yours. Period.
Don’t go for something just because it’s the current trend.
Accentuate your room by including accessories that reveal your interests and hobbies.
Old photographs are a great way to add personal touch.
Refurbishing old pieces that you have held on to is another way of making the space your own.


In the end, remember to fit in as much of you as possible and you will love the entire process of designing.
With this, welcome everyone!