Saloni Narayankar
Interior Designer

One can derive happiness in career by chance or by choice. Sometimes it is best to let the road decide your destination.

Saloni Narayankar is an Interior Designer, a career that occurred by chance. A simple homemaker, who simply loved to artistically beautify her home, hardly knew that this would turn out to be more than a hobby.  With creative aesthetic sense and eye for details, Saloni was an easy name to reckon amongst friends and relatives, when it came to suggestions for home décor.

It all began with a 2-week internship with a renowned architect. This short span of training helped Saloni in discovering that there was more to architecture than just decor. Later, she started working with Murthy & Manyam offering a unique edge of designing whilst still learning.

Over the years, Saloni has achieved a wider understanding of interior designing skills. Some of her accolades include designing the entire Symbiosis University in Hyderabad, a well-acclaimed restaurant and multiple residential projects within and outside Hyderabad.

Saloni does not believe in the concept of signature styles. In her opinion, every style is unique in its own way and must be appreciated. It is fascinating to see versatility in terms of client choices and necessities. It is much more exciting to incorporate these versatile choices into the best version of designs.  After all, designs are ‘thinking made visual’ in true sense.